Sales & Marketing Excellence

For the last 5 years, HRV Global has been sourcing and supplying active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates and providing related services. We offer a broad range of materials including fine chemicals as well as critical and advanced intermediates.

Complementary Services:

  • Custom Synthesis Services:
    For non-source able and hard to find APIs/IMs, Our partners can help with unique RoS(Route of Synthesis) Services that satisfies technological requirement.
  • Quality Related Services:
    Assess supplier and site qualifications supporting all quality questions regarding GMP and N-1 Intermediates.
  • Regulatory Services:
    Support in compilation of regulatory documentation required for GMP audits and provide crucial assistance during registration procedures for specific markets including product development/regulatory strategies, pre-submission and /or scienticadivice procedures

To empower our customers every where by working with them to deliver a unique combination of profitable best practices and capabilities to maintain quality and continually improve their product offerings